How we work with You

SSI is committed to excellence through customer service, by providing the best in specialized supplemental professionals and through experience and expertise of its administrative staff to meet all your staffing and business requirements.

Here’s how we work with you:

step 1

You call us and we respond to your needs. It’s as simple as that!
Need personnel immediately?

A manager assesses your need. Once we have your requirements, we select an SSI professional and send them to you. Once your needs have been fulfilled we work with you to understand your future staffing needs.

step 2

We build a customized client profile either over the phone or during a facility visit. A Manager will work with you to establish a customized profile:

step 3

You will be assigned a personal Placement Coordinator by the Manager, based on your profile and location. Your Placement Coordinator is your 24/7 contact. He/she will know all the details of your facility and personnel needs.

step 4

The Manager will work with you to evaluate personnel and assess how your needs are being met and how to continue to meet your requirements.

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